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Since 1999, when Powrachute first introduced the PC2000, to todays flagship the Airwolf 912ULS, we have manufactured over 1700 powered parachutes. A long standing reputation for performance, comfort, reliability and safety has earned us the leading position in powered parachute manufacturing. We continue to lead the industry with advanced designs, technology and product support. Every aircraft in Powrachutes fleet is backed by an extensive and dependable worldwide network of dealers and instructors. We hope you will join our exclusive family as an owner.

Powrachute was purchased in 2005 by Jeff Williams, at that time Galen Geigley owned Soaring Concepts and together they joined up to offer more products and a strong team. Soaring Concepts Aerospace was formed as a Sales and Marketing arm for all the different aircraft that are sold. Together Jeff and Galen have over 45 years experience in aviation and are excited about all the planes offered.